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Celebrating Every Life - A Final Tribute

Meaningful funeral ceremonies and visitation services provide an opportunity for honoring the transition from life to death and saying our last goodbyes.

The funeral is a ceremony of worth and value for those who mourn. It has existed since the beginning of mankind. It provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. It permits facing openly, realistically and with dignity the crisis that death presents. Through the funeral the bereaved take the firm, first step toward adjustment to their loss.

The funeral also gives the community a chance to offer its support and share the sorrow of the immediate family of the deceased.

A religious service meets spiritual needs of most. It may be conducted in a church or a funeral home with a member of the clergy officiating. A non-religious or humanist funeral ceremony meets the needs of others. It is usually held in the funeral home, led by a person chosen by the family. Either type of rite can be adapted to the lifestyle of the deceased and those who survive.

With the body present the loved one can be viewed. Viewing serves several helpful purposes – realization, recall and expression. This aids in the proper management of grief.

What kind of funeral do you want?

At Graumlich Funeral Home, we seek to meet the individual needs of each family with careful planning and attention to detail. Every family is different, and not everyone wants the same type of funeral. We offer the family the choice of service options they feel would reflect that individual’s life and at the same time be comforting to the family and friends. Below are a just few examples of service options available.

Burial Service Options

Services of Funeral Director, Staff and Facilities for

  • Funeral Ceremony*
  • Visitation
  • Embalming and other Preparation
  • Transfer from place of death
  • Funeral Coach (Hearse) to cemetery
  • Graveside Committal Service
  • Service / Utility Vehicle
  • Music (Organist, Pianist, electronics)
  • Memory Package to include
  • (Register book, service folders or prayer cards, acknowledgement and honorarium cards)
  • Memorial DVD Tribute (optional)

*Church service option available

Personalization can include but is not limited to photo collages, portraits on easels, memory table displaying hobbies or other interests, theme casket, family participation during ceremony and special music requests.

Veterans Service

  • Veteran’s theme casket of choice with traditional service offerings (see Traditional Service)
  • Memory Package in Veteran’s Theme
  • Military Graveside Service (unless declined) or at funeral home or church if cremation is to follow.

Veterans Service

Services of Funeral Director, Staff and Facilities for

  • Visitation
  • Embalming
  • Transfer from place of death
  • Funeral Coach (Hearse) to cemetery
  • Service / Utility Vehicle
  • Graveside Rites and Supervision

Cremation Service Options

The choice of cremation does not limit the options available to honor the life of a loved one. Most families choose to have a public ceremony and visitation which allows family and friends to come together in an appropriate setting.  There are several cremation options available, please contact us to learn of all the options available and we can customize a service that would be most comforting to the family and friends.

Funeral Service with Cremation

Services of Funeral Director, Staff and Facilities for

  • Funeral Ceremony*
  • Visitation
  • Transfer from place of death
  • Embalming and other preparation
  • Viewing with use of Rental/Ceremonial Casket or choice of cremation casket
  • Cremation
  • Memory Package to include (Register book, service folders or prayer cards, acknowledgment and honorarium cards)
  • Memorial DVD Tribute (optional)
  • Music (Organist, pianist and electronics)

*Church service option available

Private Gathering for Family

Services of Funeral Director, Staff and Facilities for

  • Private viewing for family only
  • Embalming and other preparation
  • Oak viewing casket or cremation casket
  • Memorial Folders

Memorial Service

Services of Funeral Director, staff and facilities for

  • Gathering / Memorial Service
  • Memory Package (register book, service folders or prayer cards, acknowledgement, and honorarium cards)
  • Music Service
  • Memorial Video (Optional)

Urn presence is optional, but suggested to signify the deceased during his or her memorial tribute.

Personalizing the Ceremony

Funerals are most meaningful when they are personalized to honor the life of the deceased. We are experiencing a growth in families personalizing the ceremony to help define the life of the deceased. There are many ways to honor the loved one’s life.

Celebration of Life Video Tribute

Celebrate all of life’s special moments and preserve these memories forever with a Celebration of Life Video. Using your family’s treasured photos, videos, films, slides and negatives a custom DVD video can be professionally edited to create a tribute in honor of your loved one’s lifetime. These can be shared with family and friends and passed down to future generations, and placed on your loved one's tribute page on funeral home website for family and friends near and far to view.


Photographs are a wonderful way to share a story. Sorting through photos allows family and friends to remember, laugh, cry and reflect on special moments. Photographs can be displayed during the visitation in a variety of ways (collage format, on easels, in frames and photo albums.

Memory Table

A Memory table provides families an opportunity to place unique memorabilia and special mementos in a setting that reflects their loved one’s life and interests. Artwork, quilts, trophies, model airplanes are just a few examples of mementoes that our families have displayed that helped to tell the story that symbolized their loved one’s life.


Music can be very personal, whether one likes hymns, country, jazz or a combination of selections. Music can add a meaningful touch to any ceremony...your funeral director can assist you with your requests.

Writing Table

Family and friends can share a favorite memory of the deceased that the family can have to read and cherish after the funeral services. Oftentimes it is comforting and healing for the family to be able to read these special memories.

Personalized Caskets

Many times the casket used at the funeral can be personalized to reflect the hobbies, lifestyles and other interests of your loved one. Caskets can be customized with special embroidery on the interior fabrics. Some caskets feature unique corner hardware designs that reflect individual interests (for example fishing, gardening, golfing), relationships or spirituality (for example Cross, Praying Hands, Bible, or a Veterans Theme (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps emblems, Eagle or American Flag) and Fraternal emblems (for example Masonic, Eastern Star, Rotary or others).

The Funeral

  • Helps confirm the reality and finality of death.
  •  Provides a climate for mourning and the expression of grief.  
  • Allows the sorrows of one to become the sorrows of many.  
  • Is one of the few times love is given and not expected in return.  
  • Is a vehicle for the community to pay its respect.  
  • Encourages the affirmation of religious faith.  
  • Is a declaration that a life has been lived
  • as well as a sociological statement that a death has occurred.

Reprinted from...

"The Funeral: Ancient Egypt to Present Day America"

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